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Easy, Affordable Ways to Renovate Your New Jersey Bathroom

by Jennifer Weldon

You may be dreaming of remodeling your entire bathroom. But with costs ranging from $10,000 - $20,000 in the New Jersey area, a bathroom remodel may seem out of the question at the moment. The fact is that there are many small, inexpensive projects you can do in your bathroom that will make a big impact. Try doing one or all of these easy, affordable ways to renovate your bathroom and you will be surprised at the new look of your bathroom.

Re-Grout/ Re-Caulk

The reason your bathroom may look old and dingy usually lies in the details. Grout and caulk can easily get discolored over time from dirt, lint, mold, or mildew. This can make everything in your bathroom look old and tired.

Re-caulking the seams in your bathtub/shower and around any countertops will give your bathroom a fresh, clean look. It will also help prevent any water damage. Re-caulking is very inexpensive, just the cost of a tube of caulk. Most homeowners can tackle this project easily, all it takes is a steady hand.

Re-grouting the tile in your flooring or tub/shower should be left to a professional however. Dirty grout ages tile. By re-grouting your bathroom floor you can create the look of a newly tiled floor. A professional contractor will only charge a few hundred dollars to re-grout the tile in your bathroom. They will ensure grout lines are smooth and consistent.

Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtubs are another item that appear old over time. Stains, chips, and scratches can make your bathtub an eyesore. By refinishing the bathtub, you can eliminate these old stains and scratches and make your bathtub look brand new, which will brighten up your whole bathroom.

Replacing your bathtub is an expensive and laborious process. The old bathtub must be removed and demolition work can end up causing the need for a new floor and new doorway. A professional contractor can refinish a bathtub for approximately $450 - $700. You can choose any color you wish. There is no damage to your floors or other parts of your bathroom, and they can finish the job relatively quickly.

New Mirrors

Mirrors take up most of the wall space in our bathroom. If you have a traditional beveled or smooth rounded edge mirror it may be outdating your bathroom. By replacing it with a framed mirror that adds some style you can liven up your bathroom. Styles to choose from include contemporary, hand-painted, country traditional and more. For a few hundred dollars or less you can find a mirror in just about any home d├ęcor or home improvement store.

Go for the Triple Play

Since all of the above easy, affordable bathroom renovations cost so little, you may consider doing all of them. By performing all three projects, you will transform your entire bathroom at a fraction of the cost a complete bathroom remodeling would be. Best of all, your New Jersey bathroom will look just as nice as a brand new one.

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